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Istruzioni di montaggio Portanumeri e cerchi

Vinyl's kit application instructions

Clean as much as you can the surface, take out any greasy leftover then dry it.
Separate the vinyl film with the application tape from the backing paper and apply it with precision, press it by hands and using a plastic putty (better the the one with felt on it).
Of course be careful to avoid wrinkles or the vinyl to bunching up, in case of wide section of our stickers you may help making wet the surface with light soapy water. Spread the sticker surface and be careful of the bubbles. The strength of the adhesive it will be just delayed don't worry about.
Some of the material we use are already easy to mount and they will not need water. Notice that this kind of vinyl at the beginning seems not to be strong as the other but it only need some time to be ok.
The eventual difference from one to another kind of vinyl it will be clearly find because we ship them in different bags.

Transparent protection's paint

We suggest to use two layer of transparent paint, the first to be done before the vinyl mounting.
Be sure to make a rough surface with very fine sand paper or other tool.
Then apply the kit as it is mentioned above.
Wait then 24 hrs, better 48 hrs and apply the second layer of transparent paint.

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